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FoamStar® SI 2217



FoamStar® SI 2217 has excellent defoaming properties in aqueous paint systems without impairing gloss development. It gives superior results in solvent-free and binder-free pigment pastes containing a high proportion of dispersing agent, as well as in clear and pigmented industrial and UV-curable coating formulations. FoamStar® SI 2217 gives excellent rapid foam-knock-down performance as well as long-term stability. In addition, FoamStar® SI 2217 is label-free and contains no solvents.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Label-free
  • Highly effective silicone-based defoamer for aqueous pigment concentrates and systems with high surfactant content
  • Prevents micro-foam formation
  • Suitable for solvent-free and binder-free pigment pastes, industrial wood coatings and pigmented UV-curable coats

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Silicone Based Defoamers