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FoamStar® ED 2522 NC



FOAMSTAR® ED 2522 NC is a high performance, universal, VOC-free, and ultra-low-SVOC, silicone-polymer emulsion defoamer. FOAMSTAR® ED 2522 is based on hyper-branched polymers and organo-modified silicones and shows optimum balance between compatibility and defoaming efficiency/persistency. It is suitable for all types of aqueous premium paints and clear coats.


  • Excellent foam suppression during the grinding process as well as during application
  • Minimizes gloss reduction
  • Retains antifoam efficiency even during long storage
  • Easy to incorporate, without usage of strong shear forces
  • Suitable for pigmented systems and clear coats

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Emulsion Based Defoamers