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Foamaster® MO 2152



FOAMASTER® MO 2152 provides efficient defoaming performance in the manufacture and application of paints and inks from synthetic latex. It offers high persistency, broad compatibility and is effective in low-VOC coatings. In paint formulations, 2 to 3 pounds of FOAMASTER® MO 2152 effectively defoams 100 gallons of paint. One half of the normal amount is added to the pigment before grinding to suppress the formation of foam and the remainder to the "let-down" portion. In adhesives application, 1 - 2 % of the defoamer, based on the weight of the latex solids, is generally sufficient. Recommended levels of additions only serve as starting points because of variations in adhesives and paint formulations.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Strong defoaming persistency
  • Excellent film compatibility

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Mineral Oil Based Defoamers