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Efka® PX 4320



EFKA® PX 4320 is a high-molecular-weight dispersing agent. It is made by the Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (CFRP) technology, which allows producing polymeric dispersants with defined polymer architecture and a low poly-dispersity index. EFKA® PX 4320 is suitable for solvent-based industrial and automotive coatings. It also offers high efficiency in stabilizing pigments and demonstrates a wide compatibility with many resin systems. This makes EFKA® PX 4320 ideally suited for use of the concept of Resin-Free Pigment Concentrates (RFPC).


  • Made by CFRP technology
  • Excellent stability against flooding and flotation
  • Improves color development with organic pigments
  • Allows high color strength
  • Strong viscosity depressing effect at high pigment concentration in the grinding stage
  • Highly suitable for optimum dispersion of carbon blacks

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Advanced High-Molecular Weight, High-Molecular Weight, High-molecular Weight