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Efka® FA 4665



EFKA® FA 4665 is a high-molecular weight unsaturated carboxylic acid, combined with a very compatible organically modified poly siloxane, helps to prevent interfacial tension between the hydrophilic pigments/extenders and the binder. It is especially suitable for medium to high-polarity binder systems, for example: alkyd/amino resin combinations, nitro-cellulose systems, polyurethane- and chlorinated polymer systems, acrylic poly isocyanate systems (2-pack acrylics), and chlorinated polymers. EFKA® FA 4665 is not compatible with white spirit or paints which are diluted with white spirit.


  • Reduced pigment sedimentation
  • Reduced dispersing time
  • Reduced tendency to “orange peel”
  • No formation of Bénard cells
  • Prevent interfacial tension between hydrophilic pigments/extenders and binder
  • Improved gloss and slip
  • Stabilization of the pigment dispersion
  • Prevention of flooding and floating

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Low-Molecular Weight