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Efka® FA 4620



EFKA® FA 4620 is a solvent-free wetting and dispersing agent with acidic groups, helps to wet and disperse solid particles (e.g. CaCO3, ATH) in unsaturated polyester resin systems, this results in improved wetting and incorporation of fillers and extenders, reduced viscosity of the paste/compound, and increased filler and extender loading. EFKA® FA 4620 is suited for filled unsaturated polyester systems (e.g. SMC/BMC, gel coats, car putties) or combinations with polystyrene, polyvinylacetate and styrene-butadiene copolymers (e.g. LS- or LP formulations).


  • Suitable for use in solvent- and water-based as well as solvent-free systems
  • Suitable for all types of industrial and decorative coatings
  • Very efficient in wetting and dispersing fillers, extenders and inorganic pigments, particularly TiO2
  • Reduced viscosity
  • Increased pigment and filler loading
  • Increased mill efficiency
  • Shorter dispersing time

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Low-Molecular Weight