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Efka® FA 4601



EFKA® FA 4601 is an anti-settling agent for non-aqueous paint systems. It has been used with great success for years in the paint industry as a special agent for preventing sedimentation; it was developed because of detailed studies regarding interfacial activity. The mode of action of EFKA® FA 4601 systems result from the high surface activity of its constituents with almost all pigments. If processed properly, the individual pigment particles are coated with a monomolecular layer of adsorbed compounds which prevent agglomeration into larger particles, with the result that the fine particles remain in suspension and no caking occurs. This viscous liquid is a blend of selected fatty alcohol sulfates. EFKA® FA 4601 does not contain any alkali ions, and it is effective in most paints, provided they are not distinctly polar in their composition.


  • Prevents sedimentation and re-agglomeration
  • Anti-settling agent for non-aqueous coatings
  • Very effective with most pigments
  • Liquid and easy to incorporate

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Low-Molecular Weight