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Efka® FA 4600



Efka® FA 4600 is an easy to use liquid anti-settling agent. It is effective over a broad range of solvent polarity. It can, therefore, be used in nitrocellulose lacquers as well as in decorative paints which might only contain white spirit. Efka® FA 4600 is an excellent anti-settling agent for low-viscosity printing inks, e.g., flexographic and gravure. In particular it counteracts the sedimentation tendency of inorganic pigments.


  • Prevents sedimentation and agglomeration of even heavy pigments
  • Liquid and easily applicable
  • Anti-settling agent for non-aqueous coatings
  • Does not impair gloss, flow, drying properties or adhesion
  • Can be incorporated at any production stage of the paint, e.g., before or after the grind stage
  • Especially recommended for wash primers
  • Does not influence the water resistance of finished paints

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Low-Molecular Weight