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Dispex® Ultra PX 4575



Dispex® Ultra PX 4575 is a low-VOC, dispersing agent for water-based systems with benchmark performance in inorganic pigments. Dispex® Ultra PX 4575 has been designed with Controlled Free Radical Polymerization technology (CFRP) for optimum performance with inorganic pigments. It is recommended for colorants but it is also well suited for direct grinds into primers, gloss and semi gloss paints and for systems where polyacrylic acid dispersing agents are not preferred.


  • High efficiency and wide compatibility
  • Excellent performance with inorganic pigments
  • Especially suited for the dispersion of pigments in water-borne coatings and colorants

Product Groups

  • Dispersing Agents / Advanced High-Molecular Weight, High-Molecular Weight, High-molecular Weight