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Chimassorb® 81



CHIMASSORB® 81 is a solid UV absorber of the 2-hydroxy-benzophenone class. This product significantly improves the resistance of clear coatings to failures upon exposure to sunlight such as discoloration, cracking, loss of gloss and loss of adhesion. Its performance in outdoor applications can be improved further by use in synergistic combination with a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) such as TINUVIN® 292 or TINUVIN® 123. The use of Chimassorb® 81 should be reserved for applications where expectations of the final coating’s durability are moderate since the light stability of 2-hydroxy-benzophenone derivatives is known to be limited.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Good absorbance in the UV-B region
  • Reduces failure of coatings resulting from exposure to sunlight including discoloration, cracking, and loss of adhesion
  • Low yellowing

Product Groups

  • Miscellaneous / Others