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Basonol® PU 1035 W



Basonol® PU 1035 W is used in 1K stoving and 2K primer applications for plastic and metal substrates; excellent adhesion to various substrates (plastic, e-coat, metal); excellent flexibility; stone chip resistant; formulation robustness; universal blending partner for acrylic dispersions; zero add-on of NMP, NEP, and other organic solvents


  • Formulation robustness
  • Very flexible
  • For 1K stoving coatings crosslinked with melamine and/or blocked polyisocyanate
  • For 2K PUR applications crosslinked with polyisocyanates
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates (plastic, e-coat, metal)
  • Hydrolysis stable

Product Groups

  • Dispersions / PU-Dispersions, OH-functional