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Acronal® V 278

Aqueous dispersion for the manufacture of high quality sealants with broad adhesion range. Dispersion based on an acrylic ester copolymer that also contains acrylonitrile. Acronal V 278 is manufactured without the use of APEO.



Acronal® V 278 is used as a binder for the manufacture of dispersion-based sealants. Sealants formulated with Acronal V 278 are distinguished by their high resilience and their high flexibility at low temperatures. Acronal V 278 can also be used to manufacture adhesives for floor and wall coverings, such as carpets and PVC. These adhesives have a high initial tack and form a very heat-resistant bond.


  • High initial tack and form a very heat-resistant bond
  • High resilience and flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion to various surfaces
  • Provides very high elastic recovery

Product Groups

  • Pure Acrylics