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Acronal® HIDE 6610

Acronal® HIDE 6610 is a multi-purpose, aqueous dispersion of a pure acrylic copolymer with wet adhesion promotor. The titanium dioxide adsorbing technology helps optimizing cost of formulation.



Acronal® HIDE 6610 is a universal pure acrylic binder for durable facade paints that optimizes cost of formulation through superior titanium dioxide efficiency. The excellent thickener interaction allows to formulate stains and paints of diverse rheological profiles and to formulate high build “One coat hide” paints.


  • Low viscosity-drop on tinting
  • Wet adhesion to different substrates (e.g. wood, alkyd, galvanized steel, PVC plastic)
  • Tint strength
  • Broad formulation latitude
  • improvement
  • Titanium dioxide efficiency enhancement
  • Exceptional thickener interaction
  • Excellent outdoor durability

Product Groups

  • Pure Acrylics