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Imagine a water-based foam to follow your design ideas. With our new water-based binders you can formulate elastic foams with wide range of benefits: 

  • Safe & Ecological. Our formulations are 100% Isocyanate- & label-free. 
  • Fast, easy & clean handling. No moistening, no cutting, no post-expansion of the foam. Less waste
  • High quality finish & optics. Acronal Foam is characterized by a smooth surface, fine pore structure & pure white color. However, formulation is dyable & foam surface can be overpainted.
  • Effective insulation, excellent adhesion, elastic behavior 
  • Lightweight, stable & durable: UV resistant, no yellowing, no degradation 
  • Acronal foam is sustainable.  
Acrylic Foam

Create your idea & enrich your portfolio innovative & versatile solutions.

Let's find the right binder for your Acronal Foam application. Let's foam the market together!

Explore our solutions for water-based construction foams!

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