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Acrylic Dispersions for Sealants

Sealing involves many tasks: Closing gaps, adhering elements to different substrates, filling, and isolating. Gunnable sealants and construction adhesives are challenging applications where the quality of the binder plays a major role. 

In fact, manufacturers of sealants & construction adhesives face a wide variety of challenges. First, they must balance various environmental factors such as temperature changes, UV radiation, and chemical exposure. Second, they must comply with stringent regulations and obtain certifications to ensure the safety of their solutions. We at BASF offer acrylic polymer dispersions and technical know-how for sealant technologies to achieve groundbreaking formulations that provide outstanding workability and physical properties.  

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The best of both worlds  

Combining the best of silicones and acrylates, selected high-performance binders create finishes in all kinds of demanding sealant applications that are exceptionally resilient, cost-effective, durable, easy-to-use and clean, high-quality, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

At BASF, we are dedicated to increasing sustainability and eco-friendliness along the value chain. Selected acrylic Acronal® binders are now certified as biobased detectable through the 14C method, thereby creating value for customers in the construction industry. Additionally, all our binders are available as biomass balance grades. Explore our solutions for sealants & construction adhesives!

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