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October 19, 2022

Web Seminar-Recordings: Sustainability-Carbon Management

Carbon Management: BASF’s path to climate neutrality in 2050

We specialize in helping our customers overcome their challenges. Without a doubt, the greatest challenge of our time is climate change. It is our responsibility to do what it takes to make our industry function within planetary boundaries, and to reach carbon-neutrality as soon as we can. 


At BASF, our strategic focus on sustainability starts with our own organization. We have made robust CO2-reduction commitments, including an overall goal to reach net zero by 2050, with an intermediate milestone of a 25% absolute emissions reduction by 2030 (from 2018 baseline, Scope 1 & 2). 

We are working across several areas to make the whole value chain more climate-friendly

  • Scaling up our use of renewable energy
  • Accelerating the development of CO2-free production
  • Moving towards a circular economy by using recycled feedstocks
  • Saving resources with the Biomass Balance concept
  • Adopting more sustainable transport solutions
  • Working with our suppliers and partners to decrease emissions
  • Delivering transparency with Product Carbon Footprints

As we push forward on our path towards climate neutrality, we are determined to make sustainable benefits available to all our customers at the same time. 

In this web seminar, you can hear from BASF’s experts on how our key CO2 reduction, circularity and sustainable transport solutions work, and have the chance to ask questions and gain insight for your business. 

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