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March 3, 2022

Web Seminar-Recordings: European Green Deal

What is behind European Green Deal: Europe’s way towards a circular economy

The EU Green Deal brings new challenges to businesses as we move towards a more circular economy. Discover what the EU strategy for sustainability and Circular Economy means for your business, and how you can create opportunities in the age of sustainability. Our web seminar gives you the opportunity to hear first-hand from experts.

The biggest challenge for this year and further ahead is sustainability: finding new ways to future-proof our businesses, protect the environment, conserve resources and meet upcoming regulations. As part of this mission, we set up a web seminar exploring the European Green Deal, what it means for the paint and coatings industry, and how your business can follow its principles as we move towards a circular economy.

What’s in it for you

  • You will be able to hear first-hand from experts in Brussels and Ludwigshafen about how new regulations will affect your business moving forward.
  • These policy specialists and a sustainability expert to give us their perspectives on the latest political developments and business trends.
  • We will discuss the thinking behind the European Green Deal, we will explore what the European Circular Economy action plan means for us and will outline BASF’s commitment to using its sustainability solutions to help every customer get future-proof.

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