June 16, 2024

Butonal® MB 5126 now without CO2 emissions for economical and flexible asphalt production

  • Butonal® MB 5126: Biomass balance product for the asphalt industry
  • Reduces the product CO2 footprint  by 100 % (cradle-to-gate)
  • Improves flexibility, stability and economy of asphalt  

BASF now offers the bitumen additive Butonal® 5126, which has been on the market since 2018, as a biomass balance product under the name Butonal® MB 5126.

Butonal® MB 5126 is a styrene-butadiene based polymer latex used as a modifier for warm mix and hot mix asphalt.  Butonal® MB 5126 is produced according to the biomass balance approach (BMB). In this process, fossil raw materials are replaced by renewable resources  such as bio-naphtha or bio-methane from organic waste, agricultural products or vegetable oils and used as a feedstoock in the manufacture of the basic chemical products. The biomass balance process reduces the carbon footprint of Butonal® MB 5126 to 0.0 kg/CO2*. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions generated during the manufacture of the product are fully compensated by the use of bio-based raw materials and renewable energy sources.

Butonal® MB 5126 offers the advantage of temperature reduction, resulting to lower energy consumption in asphalt mixing plants, reduced emissions and improved working conditions during paving. The product is on the BASt pilot product list and can be used in compliance with the regulations.

Butonal® MB 5126 significantly extends the service life of the road. In addition to the special environmental benefits, Butonal® MB 5126 offers a customized solution for every requirement and improves the flexibility, stability and cost-effectiveness of asphalt.
The product can be added to the mix directly at the asphalt mixing plant as an aqueous dispersion, which enables flexible admixture.

This allows asphalt mixing plants to react to fluctuations in the quality of fossil binders and to increase the proportion of reclaimed asphalt (RAP). A higher percentage of RAP means a lower percentage of fresh binder or polymer in the system, which can be easily supplemented thanks to the flexible application options.

By using Butonal® MB 5126, companies can achieve their sustainability goals and strengthen their competitiveness. This solution offers the asphalt industry the opportunity to contribute to reducing its environmental impact while reaping the benefits.
For more information on the Biomass Balance approach and the production process of Butonal®  MB 5126 please visit our website: Biomass Balance Process (basf.com)   

*Cradle-to-gate analysis including biogenic CO2 uptake of the bio-based raw material: Product Carbon Footprint (basf.com)


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Kathrin Heineking
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