Making meaningful inroads in the reduction of your carbon footprint

The Biomass Balance approach in a nutshell

What can the Biomass Balance approach do for you?

Listen to Dr. Heger explain how BASF’s Biomass Balance approach empowers you to reduce fossil resources in your production—without changing a thing. 

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Biomass Balance - Showcases

What does it mean to be a Biomass Balance partner? Take a look at our showcases and get inspired about what the Biomass Balance approach can do for your business.

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How can you differentiate yourself from the competiton and achieve your own sustainability goals?

With the Biomass Balance approach, Barbot was not only able to reduce its carbon footprint but also became the first widely-accessible, eco-friendly paint on the Iberian market.

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Overhauling Uzin Utz’s product portfolio was as simple as a few drops in the bucket.

Uzin Utz was able to reduce its reliance on fossil-based resources by up to 90%. The company achieved massive carbon savings—all while expanding its market share.

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How to generate sustainable value for your company and your customers?

Since partnering with BASF in 2018, Italy’s leading paints manufacturer San Marco has replaced a significant portion of its traditional binders with the sustainable Biomass Balance approach — to stunning effect.

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Renewable energy — the next step towards a greener tomorrow

Beyond our Biomass Balance approach, there is an additional way to reduce the product carbon footprint of your products. Since 2023, we’ve exclusively used renewable energies in all of our Biomass Balance approach products. This comes at zero additional cost to our customers and is automatically included.

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Let's take another step towards a greener tomorrow! Download the PDF to learn more about renewable energy at BASF.

Good for the environment and your business 

Whether with Architectural Coatings or Construction materials, our products help reduce the carbon footprint of your products, giving you the opportunity to create additional value for your customers.

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Architectural Coatings


Stefan Weiner
Stefan Weiner
Senior Segment Manager - Marketing Polymer Dispersions for Architectural Coatings
Anna Nieding
Anna Nieding
Senior Segment Manager - Marketing Polymer Dispersions for Construction

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